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The loan modification process can be a difficult and time consuming task. That is why we feel it is best you seek the assistance from a Nationally Certified Foreclosure Prevention & Default Counselor. A professional will expedite the process and make sure a loan is modified with the homeowner in mind.

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There are many things to keep in mind when embarking on the loan modification process and the best advise one can give is to do your research. Call you lender and talk to friends. If you fill out our form a counselor will contact you but there are other options.

Our goal is to help homeowners and anyone looking to answer loan modification questions. For more information feel free to fill out the form.

At we realize that there are a number of loan modification companies to choose from. From our research and experience though, it is best if you go through a non profit organization for your needs. Your borrowing and financial history will be looked at closely and you want someone on your side that knows the in’s and out’s of the loan modification process. A Loan Modification specialist can come in many forms but again, a non profit organization that employs Nationally Certified Foreclosure Prevention & Default Counselors will have the expertise you need to get the job done.

Loan modification rates can often be dictated by the current market conditions compared to what they were when you signed up for a mortgage. This is not always the standard though and every case is different.

The military men and women of today are discovering like the rest of America that things can change quickly while they are away. With declining home values and unrelenting monthly payments, VA Loan Modifications are becoming more popular in efforts to prevent foreclosure.

Sometimes the best alternative is to go with a short sale. Short sales are good because they can save credit scores from the black hole that a foreclosure can provide. It can also help out all involved to sell the home at a value where the lender can be happy it’s not a loss.

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